Original Will of William Shakespeare

It is considered very important to make a will to your assets located in Spain. It does not interfere with any will which you have drafted in your original country wether before or after. The spanish testament will only affect to your assets located in Spain. Also, if you make it at spanish territory you will save money, because you do not need a Spanish translator or Hague Convention Aspostille.

At Lex Legale Abogados we recommend all our clients, to carry out a review of all their assets in Spain. We take our time with them to understand their individuals situations. As consecuence we will be entitled to provide them our best advise to know how to manage their assets and investments.

Finally, we will draft an spanish and english will as required, and also, in the case that we do not have power of attorney, we will go with the client at the notary to provide them our best advise at all times.