Spanish Civil Code | Dr. D. Manuel de Bofarull

Family and matromonials matters can be hard and complex. That is the reason why it requires more than a cold negotiation or law technical skills.

We will always provide you our best advice, and we will never lose sight that it is a very important issue to you. We will deal with all matters professionaly and sensitevely. Our goal is to resolve the situation with the minimal pain for you and your family, overall, in the case that there are children involved.

Take account that we speak your language. Our staff is composed for Spanish and British people. Our advice includes not only a Spanish dimension, we will offer you international advice such as:

  • Divorce and Family law.
  • British couples divorcing in Spain.
  • Litigation.
  • Division of assets.
  • Separation
  • Child abduction.
  • Adoption.